Succession Planning

What is a succession plan? I hear and see advertisements from different advisors you say to yourself.


A succession plan consists of a path or strategy to transfer a farm or business from one generation to another while considering management, financial, and personal goals while dealing with tax and legal challenges.


The biggest challenge in succession planning we see is not talking about a plan but actually implementing the plan.


A team of advisors who work for you and your goals will help make your plan a successful one. Gather as much information you can on the topic, ask many questions, talk to your partner, family, friends, neighbors, and advisors.


A plan can be simple or complicated depending on what you want to have happen with your assets, operation, how much income you need to achieve your retirement needs.


Needing help on how to get started, to pick up the pieces from a plan you already started? Want a second opinion?

Let’s talk! Our professionals can offer options that can add value to any situation.